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To the naked eye, this place is just a slab of dirt with holes in it, nothing special. But when you look beneath the surface, there's more than that.
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Welcome to Moonlight Forest Warren, where the moon lights up even the darkest of hearts.

Please do feel free to jump into any Rp's that may be available at anytime, others will respond when they get the chance.~
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» Group Specifications and Requirements
Mon May 12, 2014 9:28 am by Yami


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 Group Specifications and Requirements

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PostSubject: Group Specifications and Requirements   Mon May 12, 2014 9:28 am

Specifications and Requirements.

Alright, we are at least Semi-Literate. We do not tolerate text speak at all, this is not your cell phone, we expect you to type out your words and no one word responses, Do not jump on someone for not capitalizing things, be glad they spelled their words out.

Your character may be any color (No full fledged Neons or Winged Rabbits please). We do not mind if your markings happen to be Neon, but please keep it to a minimum.

I'd hope we are all mature enough here to not make crude jokes about rape and stuff like that, AT NO POINT MAY YOU RP MATING AND BIRTH Do that away from the site if you are going to do such things, but let me know if your rabbit is expecting.

We are Semi-Realistic, meaning our characters can take on human like traits, such as listening to music, having certain knowladge of things that humans have knowladge of, watching Tv, etc...

No powers guys, we aren't superheros or anything, nor can we lift up things 100x heavier than us, meaning no super strength, no super speed etc.

You can be an ex house pet, or born wild, we do expect you to stay active otherwise you'll be deleted from the site.

This roleplay is site based, do not give out any personal information on here, Facebook, Twitter, Skype...Etc.

Any pairings are okay, whether it be FemalexFemale, MalexMale, or MalexFemale, there can be couples but please like i've said before, no mating. I do not want any bashing of any religious views or orientations.
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Group Specifications and Requirements
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